The Bryant Housewise Thermostat: A Closer Look

Bryant Housewise thermostats are a triumph of interactivity and diversity. With this innovative control and monitoring device Bryant has moved beyond the cutting edge into a new realm of superior function, and homeowners are the ones benefitting the most from the arrival of this outstanding HVAC product. Interested in the Housewise? Here’s what it could


Is the Lowest Price the Best? Reasons to be Wary of Bargain-Rate HVAC Repairs

We’ve all heard the one about how “if it looks too good to be true it probably is.” Unfortunately bargain-rate HVAC companies prove the truth behind this aphorism time and time again. In life it is always tempting to accept extremely cheap offers when they come our way. But you should never do this when


How is Commercial Plumbing Different from Residential Plumbing?

Suppose you have two plumbers. One works in single-family homes while the other provides services to commercial clients who own or manage office buildings, department stores, schools, airports, sports stadiums or government buildings. Is the work they do the same or different? The best answer to this question is, ‘both.’ It is the same but

Hot water heater and furnace in basement

When Should You Replace Your Old Water Heater?

Installing a water heater in your home is very crucial during freezing temperatures as it provides adequate hot water for your family. But many a times, the water heater may fail to perform its core work efficiently. This may be due to several problems that may need urgent remedies. The following tips should inform you

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Do HVAC Systems Emit Greenhouse Gases?

Do HVAC Systems Emit Greenhouse Gases? The answer is an emphatic yes. All heating ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. This is not an unfounded allegation by advocates of a safer environment. It is a scientific fact and it is backed up by strong evidence. To understand why this is

All You Need To Know About Replacing HVAC Heating And Air Conditioning Systems

You rely on your home’s heating and cooling system to keep you comfortable year round while improving indoor air quality to create a healthy living environment. When your old system is no longer effective, it is time to start thinking about HVAC system replacement. Finding the right HVAC contractor will ensure you invest wisely when

What Is Thermal Comfort?

Thermal comfort of a place is determined by environmental factors such as the air temperature, humidity, air velocity and radiant temperature. But personal factors such as physical characteristics of a person, the clothes he is wearing, his metabolic rate, etc. are also important determinants of thermal stress or comfort. Air temperature which is normally given

Water heater

Troubleshooting Water Heater Problems

Learning to recognize the signs of water heater problems can help you make the wisest decision when you are trying to decide if you need to call for professional help. Some problems are easy enough to solve on your own and that can save you money on an unnecessary repair bill. It is just as

Climate control in building

How Does The Office Temperature Effect Your Productivity?

The air temperature in your office plays a big role in your overall productivity. It appears that working at a comfortable temperature will make you more productive, yet people tend to take the effects that a few degrees makes for granted. There have been numerous studies done on the temperature your office needs to be

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Preventing Legionnaires Disease In Buildings

Legionnaires Disease was first discovered during an outbreak of pneumonia at an American Legion Convention held in Philadelphia in 1976. Conventioneers who attended the event went down with high fever, chills, cough, muscle aches, and fatigue. Eventually, the causative organism as identified as Legionella pneumophila and the disease was called Legionnaires Disease. Poor ventilation systems