Air Filter Care

AC and Heating Maintenance: Importance of Air Filter Care

Air filters are vital components of AC and heating systems. However, they also happen to be often-neglected ones. They are your first line of defense against airborne impurities that can cause various respiratory ailments. Additionally, clogged filters are also common culprits of HVAC system failures.

Cooling & Heating Maintenance

Here are several different reasons for homeowners to take extra care of their air filters.

Peak Heating and Cooling System Performance

It’s vital to understand that air handled by HVAC systems pass through air filtration at one point. The more homeowners care for their air filters, the better their HVAC system performs. Air can’t pass through these filters readily if they are congested with dust, mold, fungal spores, and other types of impurities.

Allergen Reduction

Dirty air filters can cause airborne allergens to proliferate. Homeowners should remember that the main role of filters is to purify the air distributed around the house. By leaving impurities caught by the filters, you lessen the effectivity of these filters and effectively increase your chances of allergic reactions.

Prolonged HVAC System Longevity

Dirty air filters mean the blower fans in your HVAC system need to work harder just to push out air. When this is prolonged, it can strain the system and eventually lead to failure. In addition to this, homeowners can expect higher utility bills as a result of more energy consumption. The better you care for your HVAC system, air filters included, the longer the system can provide you with your required heating and cooling.

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