Parts Of Furnace Heater

Heating 101: The Different Parts of a Furnace Heater

Furnace heaters have multiple parts that work together to provide ample heat for homes. As such, this vital component that affects overall home comfort requires regular maintenance to ensure peak performance.

Parts Of Furnace Heater

To better understand how to care for furnace heaters (and air conditioners, by extension), homeowners need to acquaint themselves with the different parts that make up the whole. Below we offer a brief look into the anatomy of a furnace.


The burner is the component of the furnace system through which gas is delivered and subsequently burned. It is where the heating cycle is initiated. Fuel valves open to deliver gas to burners, where the pilot light then engages the air and fuel mixture. The result is heat that is ready to be distributed.

Heat Exchanger

The heat produced by the burner then needs to be transferred to the heating system’s air distribution component. This set of tubes and coils are looped repeatedly through the furnace’s air flow. This system is what actually heats up the air.


The ductwork is responsible for evenly distributing the resultant heat to various parts of your home where heat is needed. These conduits are used by the system to either deliver or remove air as needed. A steady maintenance routine for the ductwork can help homeowners avoid the proliferation of allergens.

Vent Pipe

As with any other system that produces combustion, the process of heating  your home gives off exhaust byproducts. Some examples of these byproducts include water vapor and carbon dioxide. The flue or vent pipe is responsible for providing a safe exhaust port through which these byproducts can exit safely.

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