Everything You Need To Know About Water Heaters

Boiler roomA few years ago,the water heater was the single largest load in a typical home. Today, however, new technologies have made them more efficient, accounting for less than 18 percent of your energy bill. Water heaters provide your home with hot water for bathing and washing among other things. The following are the most popular types of water heaters.

1. Conventional Water Heaters

These are the most popular water heating systems in the world. They come with a huge tank that can hold between 20 to 80 gallons of water. They also have a heat source, which may be an electric heater, or a furnace that burns heating oil, natural gas, propane, coal or wood among other types of fossil fuels. Natural gas is an inexpensive fuel and it is readily available in most parts of the country, so it is the most popular energy source for conventional water heaters.

2. Instant or Tankless Water heaters

As the name suggests, these heaters do not have a storage tank. The heating system is usually activated on demand. For instance, if you want to have a hot shower, all you need to do is turn it on. Most tankless heaters use electricity, but some models are powered by natural gas or propane. By eliminating standby losses, these heaters can cut your energy bill by up to 20 percent.

3. Solar Water Heaters

This is one of the most cost effective water heating solutions available today. In fact, it is basically free. Once the cost of producing and setting up the solar hot water system has been offset, you can enjoy free hot water for life. The system consists of a water tank and a collector. The latter is responsible for heating water using sunlight. Solar water heaters are perfect for heating the pool. They are also best suited for use in states and countries that receive intense sunlight throughout the year.

4. Heat Pump Water Heaters

This is one of the most revolutionary technologies in the heating industry. A heat pump is basically a refrigerator working in reverse. It uses electrical energy to move heat from one location and dumps it where water needs to be cooled.

Choosing the right water heater is the key to achieving energy efficiency in your home. Call us for all heating and air conditioning needs.