When Should I Have My Air Conditioner Checked?

Air conditioning units can provide relief from the unbearable heat during summer months, but then the device is waiting around collecting dust for the rest of the year.

During cooler seasons, your air conditioner can become dirty and develop other potentially damaging problems that may not be noticed until you attempt to turn the machine on.

Unforeseen damage or potential hazards to your air conditioning unit can be prevented by scheduling regular appointments for your unit to be checked out and cleaned.

How Often Should I Get My Air Conditioning Maintenanced?

As with any appliance, maintenance prevents surprise breakdowns that bring unexpected expenses. Every year before summertime, you should schedule a professional checkup of your air conditioner. Establishing an air conditioner tune-up schedule can help you remember to remain consistent with your appointments and avoid problems happening in the middle of the summer when you need air conditioning the most.

Your contractor will inspect:

  • Airflow
  • Electrical components, coils, and connections
  • Moving parts for proper lubrication
  • Operation of the entire unit
  • Refrigerant levels
  • The entire unit for leaks, loose connections, or clogs that can produce an issue
  • Thermostat function and settings
  • Voltage and electrical current on the motor

Cleaning to Do Yourself

If you regularly clean or replace your central air conditioner air filters, you can increase your air quality and reduce energy usage (which also saves you money). A dirty air filter can also eventually damage your unit.

Tips for Staying Cool During the Warm Weather

Even when your air conditioner is running, there are ways to keep your home cooler without adjusting your thermostat.

Close Your Blinds

Keeping your windows and doors closed can help keep cool air from escaping, and closing your blinds or shades can prevent heat from outside seeping in.

Open Your Vents

Opening all of your air conditioning vents and registers can ensure that cold air is flowing and reaches every room.

Remove Obstacles

Move your furniture and encourage your pets to sit elsewhere if they are blocking your air vents. An overcrowded vent can reduce airflow, lowering air conditioner efficiency.

Change and Clean Your Air Filters

Replacing or simply cleaning your air filter regularly can improve your air quality and air conditioning unit effectiveness. Remove any visible leaves, twigs, or pollen from the unit.

Reseal Windows and Doors

If you hear or feel air sneaking in or out through your windows or doors, then it may be time to reseal them. Weatherstripping or other options can significantly change how much air stays in your home.

Shade Your Air Conditioner

Providing shade for your air conditioning condenser puts less strain on the machine and helps prolong its life.

Clean Your Ducts

Annual tune-ups and professional duct cleaning by an expert helps maintain your device and diagnose problems before they become a concern.

Getting your air conditioner serviced at least once annually can improve efficiency, protect your warranty, save energy, reduce your electricity bill, enhance indoor air quality, and rescue yourself from a surprise breakdown that can be expensive and poorly timed. 

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